PPI4MED lance un laboratoire vivant sur les marchés publics de l´innovation en Jordanie

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National Research Centres (NRC) are the main producers of public R&D results, including patents. Governments spent through public procurement ground 15% GDP in most countries. Why not using Public Procurement as an instrument to transfer scientific results to society? Why not transferring directly what we are investing in science to our society?

The creation of the Living Labs on Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) by the National Research Centres participanting in the PPI4MED aims to foster the use of PPI as an instrument to transfer scientific results to private companies. Through the Innovation Procurement Living Lab, the participants will identify the challenges of public administrations that can be achieved by developing new products and solutions based on National Research Centres' patents and other scientific results. Private companies will be responsible for developing those solutions and building the bridge between science and markets.

The National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) will host the Innovation Procurement living lab in Jordan on the 31st of March at 10:00. 

You can follow the webinar through this link here

Webinar  agenda NCRD Jordan



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