Première réunion de présentation du projet MedArtSal organisée auprès de la municipalité d'Anfeh au Liban

Municipality of Anfeh

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As part of the follow-up to the MedArtSal project launched in Rome in January 2020, an introductory meeting with the aim to define future steps required to achieve the success of the project was held in Anfeh, Lebanon, last week.

Two project partners, Association for the Development of Rural Capacities (ADR) and Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL), along with the associated partner Municipality of Anfeh attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the project partners described in detail the different project activities and the expected outcomes. They discussed the situation of the Lebanese artisanal salinas and the main legal and economic challenges facing the production of artisanal salt in the country. With the aim to facilitate the project start, the Municipality of Anfeh shared with the project partners a list of the active and inactive salinas that can be the project start up point in the coming data collection activities.

The attendees agreed that the project should be introduced to the related Ministries and that a meeting with salt producers will be organized during April 2020.