Projet COMMON : report de la campagne "Clean Up the Med"


In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, we are postponing the Clean Up the Med 2020 to early Autumn in order to provide a safer experience to all the participants. We are looking forward to rescheduling the event, until then stay safe and healthy!

Clean-up the Med is an important international campaign, coordinated by Legambiente Onlus, to clean up beaches and natural sites. It has involved 21 Mediterranean countries and over 150 participants by coordinating institutions, schools, volunteers, citizens and local civil societies in order to clean up the coasts and natural reserves from litter of any sort generated by wrong human activities. The main purpose of Campaign is not only that of physically removing waste but also to draw attention to the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea and motivate communities to work together to change the situation.

The COMMON project will further expand the boundaries of the campaign, involving Lebanon and Tunisia on the front lines. Despite a recent decrease in pollution, finally letting our planet breathe, the entire world is understanding that nature and biodiversity must be preserved. Consequently, we hope that humankind will learn an important lesson from this very dangerous situation. In the meantime, people everywhere are fighting this serious pandemic and we think it would be better to postpone our cleaning campaign, probably until September/October, when our gatherings will be safer.