Projet NAWAMED : en Sicile, le mur végétal de réutilisation des eaux grises soutient l´orientation verte et intelligente prise par la municipalité de Ferla


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SVI.MED. (Euro-Mediterranean centre for the sustainable development – no profit association - Sicily), partner of NAWAMED and based in Sicily, has more than 15 years of experiences in European cooperation projects involving public authorities.

When we decide to submit a project, we study the background and we try to better understand the problems to tackle (not only the consequences but also the causes) and the possible solutions to test for supporting new behaviours, strategies and politics

During these years SVI.MED. often tried to support municipalities which were tackling environmental related problems, but not always the results had long-time impacts, because a “good solution” alone is not enough. 

The impact of a project, which test and validate good practices, is measurable on the medium and long term and often for us it’s sad to see as good solutions, demonstrated by practical results, cannot be integrated in the local policies due to the discontinuity of the political strategies. A green and clever process is composed by technical and political competences and capacity that not always run together

For this reason, it’s important to promote the excellent results reached by the NAWAMED associated partner, Ferla Municipality, showing that a consistent process (and not just isolated actions without a long-term vision) bring always results and put associations, as SVI.MED., in the condition to involve once again Michelangelo Giansiracusa, the Ferla’s mayor and his team, to tackle another important challenge. In fact, the school of Ferla was chosen by SVI.MED. for the pilot activity of the NAWAMED project, together with the technical partner IRIDRA, as the right place where will be soon installed a green wall for treating the greywater to be reused for WC and irrigation.


We are glad that a national newspaper, as Repubblica, remarks and tells the virtuous activities of Ferla including the future green wall. We are sure that share good examples, as this municipality, and the results that will come by the pilot plant foreseen by NAWAMED, is the right direction to take in order to replicate this kind of initiatives involving more and more technicians and political decision makers who want to make their territory greener, richer and virtuous

Read here the article of Repubblica (in Italian). 

Read here the short interview to the mayor Michelangelo Giansiracusa  for NAWAMED (in English).

To learn more details about the green wall NAWAMED project is installing into the School of Ferla, save the date of 19th of October (15:30-18:00): the online event (in Italian) for talking about “A green Wall for the reuse of grey water: the pilot plant of Ferla” – further news soon in the section event