Un nouveau rapport sur le tourisme durable souligne l'importance du projet GREENinMED pour l'industrie du tourisme méditerranéen dans le contexte post-COVID-19

Raquel Velasco Gómez

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This report produced by ASCAME and the Malaga Chamber of Commerce aims to analyse the importance and evolution of tourism worldwide, and specifically in the Mediterranean region, highlighting the relevance of the tourism sector in each of the countries, as well as the current situation in each of them concerning the implementation of sustainable tourism and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also presents the tools that destinations, institutions and companies in the Mediterranean region have at their disposal to develop sustainable management of tourist destinations.
For the project, it is very useful to share this report since it is closely linked to the purpose of GREENinMED as well as it is aligned with the activity currently being implemented by the consortium, the Innovation Vouchers. 
These Innovation Vouchers will allow companies from France, Israel and Spain to support Mediterranean SMEs operating in the tourism industry to be more competitive, through the application of innovative and sustainable solutions that increase efficiency in water and energy management. 
This type of support makes the GREENinMED project operate according to Sustainable Development Goals and the promotion of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean region. 

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