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Street art for sustainable development: the MEET NEET project by Association I’Agorà taken to the streets

On 10, 11, 12 September 2021, the 35 young people, for now, who are involved in the winning project of the call for project launched by AMESCI, the Italian partner of RESMYLE, were engaged in stencil and screen printing workshops coordinated by the very young street artist Ceesay Muhammed aka Nuru_B, asylum seeker from Gambia who arrived in Sannio while still a minor, in 2016.

This winning project aims at raising awareness among young people, in particular NEET, on the theme of the environment and sustainable development, in the context of RESMYLE project, funded by the EU Programme, ENI CBC Med.

The event, held at the APS Doppiozero Lab Circolo Arci di Cusano Mutri, witnessed the participation of numerous artists from Campania and beyond, all of whom have always been particularly concerned by environmental issues, who have given their generous contribution through a "live painting" which also witnessed the direct involvement of young people.

The artistic direction was entrusted to the street artist Fabio Della Ratta aka BIODPI, who boasts numerous murals made both in Italy and abroad.
From one of his latest works, the title of this XIV edition was: “Time is up! We don't have a planet B".

MEET NEET intends to support the activation or reactivation, on the training and motivational level of young people - aged between 18 and 29 - who for various reasons have early abandoned their studies, who find themselves excluded from the labor market and who, for a number of socio-cultural reasons, are unable to take action independently. The project also aims to achieve knowledge and skills in the artistic field and also involves local authorities, students, experts in socio-political and environmental issues. New activities will be implemented soon. The path will end with the shared construction of a decalogue which will then be disseminated in the schools of Campania region.

Art, therefore, sends a strong signal to defend creation. "We strongly believe in the power of art as an engine of change. Art - says the President of the Agora, Manuela Zuzolo - is in our opinion a valid tool for communication, persuasion and awareness". He adds: “Each of us is called to do our part, starting from our own city, from our neighborhood. There is no more time, there is a need for good practices and we have chosen street art to draw attention to education for sustainable development, which does not only concern the environment, but also the economic sphere (consumption, poverty , North and South of the world) and the social one (human rights, peace, health, inclusion, multiculturalism). We sincerely thank Amesci for this great opportunity and for the commendable attention, passion and commitment that has always been aimed at the younger generations".

The project also receives the support from the diocesan Caritas, the Diocesan Office of Social and Labor Pastoral Care and the Policoro Project, the Hip Hopera Foundation, the Libera della Valle Telesina and Valle Caudina Presidium named after the victims of the mafia "Raffaele Delcogliano and Aldo Iermano ”, of the Telese City of Water Committee, of Matese Excursions and of other associations of the Benevento Sannio.

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RESMYLE is a project that aims to rethink the employment and social integration of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development.

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