RESMYLE - Un emploi pour résoudre les problèmes environnementaux? C'est possible!

Stijn Dijkstra

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Our impact on the planet is disastrous and it is not new! 

Getting professionally involved to participate in its preservation is a great way to put things back in order. 

Many new professions in green growth and/or blue growth are developing; this is the case for waste management. 

Waste accumulation: a real issue and jobs to be filled!
According to a study* conducted by Ipsos (Survey management company), the accumulation of waste we generate is one of the  three most important environmental issues, after climate change and air pollution.

Moreover, according to WWF, around 24 million tonnes of plastic waste were produced by 22 countries in the Mediterranean region from which 600 000 tons are discharged into the Mediterranean Sea**.

Different job position such as a waste treatment site manager is a way to work and find a solution to the environment issues, like the waste that people generate. For example, a waste treatment site manager has to find solutions to treat, recycle or stock the 

Because waste are also a resource, many jobs are created. The BlueGeneration project developped a guide of jobs in the blue economy sector and a platform of careers where you will find information about jobs but also job opportunities.  

How to train yourself? 
Of course, you can make studies but another way to develop skills in this area is to participate in training workshops:  
ADR****, partner of RESMYLE - through the previous project "Local Initiatives for Environment" - gives us the example of what they have done in 2015 by organising a Euro-Mediterranean campus in Tyre (supported by ENPI CBC MED) focusing on environmental issues on the site and waste management. 

The objective was to develop an action plan to adress the identified issues. The participants were able to train themselves through participation in field activities, meeting with experts and local actors, readings and interviews of workers helping them to find solutions on how to reduce waste generated. 

RESMYLE is setting up the Mediterranean Practical School for Sustainable Development in order to develop this manner of learning. 


RESMYLE is a project which aims to rethink the employment and social integration of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development. 

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*** ADR’s mission is to empower and integrate marginalized people and sectors in rural and semi-urban areas through sustainable economic and social development.