REUSEMED organized a community festival to promote composting in Cordoba, Spain

The event included fun activities to raise awareness of composting among all age groups and served to combat the lack of knowledge about composting among the citizens of Cordoba.

A great community event to encourage composting and promote reuse. This was the result of Kompofest, the initiative promoted by the Cordoba waste management entity, Sadeco, within the framework of the REUSEMED project. The event took place on 27th February 2022 in Cordoba, with the aim of implementing community and individual composting systems in the locality and setting the precedent for an annual event that will serve as an attraction for tourists.

The location of the Cordoba neighborhood of Santa María de Trassierra, in a natural environment and plenty of single-family homes, most of them with land available for the installation of a vegetable garden, made it an ideal setting for the initiative. Those attending the festival were able to learn and be trained on the most appropriate composting techniques to divert part of the organic fraction from the urban waste circuit.