« Rien ne se crée, rien ne se détruit, mais tout se transforme en quelque chose de plus précieux » telle est la devise de ces entrepreneurs en herbe impliqués dans BESTMEDGRAPE


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The Italian team we host today in our website shows great ambitions and a broad look on our project: “With BESTMEDGRAPE I found an opportunity to make my dreams come true” says Luca, “I considered it important not only for me but also for my country, because carrying out this project means bringing industry and bringing industry means bringing greater wealth to the whole territory”; Elisa adds: “The purpose of the project immediately struck me: I believe that it is of fundamental importance to adopt the principles of the circular economy and to enhance what we consider waste but which, in reality, are precious resources”.

At the end of this journey, they expect to be able to create something important and useful for the regional economy of Sardinia.

Elisa and Luca contribute to their team with different skills and knowledge, but share some experience in the agricultural and agri-food sectors: this fact led them to develop an interest in the possible use of agricultural waste.

An innovative idea that is generating interest in the market

“Our idea is to create a flour from the waste of the vine. The product will be a mix of white grapes and red grapes to ensure many nutritional properties. The product is mainly intended for the production of pasta, but it can also be used for other uses such as the production of bread, sweets or even it can be used as a semi-finished product for the creation of food supplements. Although we were out of season, we managed to get some grapes from the last harvest, and we managed to create a first prototype whose results went beyond our expectations. We are already proceeding with the establishment of partnerships with wineries and other local companies to carry out our idea. Currently we have already signed agreements with more than 20 companies who believe in us and in our project”.

They are also very interested in the possible future collaborations with partners from the southern Mediterranean, because in their opinion “nowadays it is no longer conceivable to remain in the status quo, companies must be dynamic, seek new markets and follow the saying Think global, act local”.