S'appuyer sur l'héritage de l'IEVP CT Med : LIVINGAGRO et NETKITE se sont rencontrés pour établir des synergies pratiques et efficaces


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On last 14th and 16th December 2020 the informal capitalization and networking meeting between LIVINGAGRO and NETKITE project took place virtually within LIVINGAGRO project activity 2.3.2 with the attendance of JTS officers Khaled ElSaadany & Zied Kbaier having the aim to share achieved results and best practices by the two concerned projects and identify possible collaboration opportunities.

In addition to some representatives of the Leading Beneficiary and of some of LIVINGAGRO project partners, the former project manager and communication manager of the Leading Beneficiary (Consorzio Arca) of NETKITE project did participate to the meeting. Shared contents and discussion points of the webcall included a general overview of the two projects during which the LIVINGAGRO technical team illustrated key outputs and results to be achieved by the project such as the two Living Labs (LLs), the project ICT platform, the partnership agreements between economic operators and research institutes, the B2B events and the innovations in terms of products and services, the economic stakeholder analysis, the policy analysis for LL1 at European and Lebanon level as well as the definition of innovations for LL 1 and 2.

Starting from the presentation of results and outputs of the two projects and from the open discussion which followed the introductive part of the meeting, several similitudes were identified, among which:

  •        the objective of transferring innovation in research Labs;
  •        the establishment of an open-innovation platform;
  •        the foreseen coaching and training services;
  •        the achievement of public-private partnerships;
  •        the achievement of patents concerning innovative products and services.

In addition, the final session of the meeting was devoted to share experiences and identify possible collaboration opportunities such as the involvement of entrepreneurs, universities and stakeholders in reference to sharing of their entrepreneurial and innovative ideas with consequent possible trust problems; the establishment of the ICT open-innovation platform which, in the case of NETKITE project, was developed internally by the LB; and patents to be achieved concerning innovations developed within LIVINGAGRO project for which the process will have to be initiated with the submission request to the competent authorities at national and European level before the end of the project.