Session de formation pratique au reporting pour le projet REUSEMED

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

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On the 6th of May, the Partners of REUSEMED Project received a training session focus on showing the practical use of the MIS platform, the channel through which the reporting of this next summer has to be completed. This meeting was organised by the ENI CBC Med and carried out by the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS), with Mr. Aous Tamimi ICT Expert in the JTS leading the training helped by Mrs. Irene Morell Rodríguez and Mrs. Laura Pinna, both also experts from the JTS. The session was shared with our colleagues of MYSEA Project.

Having a practical explanation of the tasks that need to be done in this reporting platform will be more than rewarding when the reporting arrives. It was an interesting and useful training to provide the Partners of the Project a first approach to our reporting platform. In order to Know how the processes work and how we have to execute the different steps necessary for the reporting to be accomplished successfully.

Furthermore, receiving specific training on a specific task related to your work ahead of its beginning is always helpful to be ready to start and banish the majority of the possible doubts that could arise during the fulfilment of the task, even before they could arise.