Skype meeting between MEDISS Lead Partner PWEG and Aqaba Water Company

On July 13, 2020 a Skype meeting was held between Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group, MEDISS Lead Partner, and Aqaba Water Company to discuss the final tender dossier for the supply of equipment of the pilot plant, its technical specifications and operational conditions. 

The aim of Aqaba Water Company in MEDISS Project is to contribute to the development of the remote area of Al Rishaas by improving water use efficiency in agriculture and the quality of drinking water. 

In particular, an innovative approach never tested before in the Middle East will be applied to a reverse osmosis desalination plant of brackish groundwater, extending  equipment lifetime with innovative treatments and using photovoltaic panels for energy supply. Treated water will then be used both for irrigation (1,4 ha) and domestic use by local inhabitants. 

Aqaba Water Company is the first commercial water services company in Jordan that has been entrusted with the managing water and sanitation resources in its coverage area.

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