Web-meeting of the MEDISS Board of Experts

The Board of Experts has discussed the state of play of the MEDISS work package 3 Analysis and Monitoring, in particular as regards to socio-economic indicators, data collection on water and soil and use of QGIS. 

The meeting was coordinated by the president of the Board of Experts, Eng. Monther Hind (Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group PWEG), MEDISS lead partner.

The technical Board of Experts (BoE), established at the beginning of the project, is composed of a chairperson (Eng. Monther Hind, PWEG), 2 experts from CRENoS on socio-economic analysis and 2 experts per area with relevant expertise on water supply, pedology (soil science), and agronomy.

 The meeting was held on the 10th of June, 2020 and was attended by representatives of all partners.


Organization     Participants   Position

Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group


Monther Hind
Amal Orabi 
Amina Al-Taweel
Sandi Daibes 

Project technical Director, Chair of BoE
Project General Coordinator
Financial Manager
Communication Expert

Aqaba Water Company

Montaser Abu AbdallaAla’a Al-Deen Eid
Ziad Al-Taani 

Project Coordinator
Financial reporting Assistant 
Facilitator, BOE Member

Arid Regions Institute, Regional direction of Gabes
Saifeddin Eturki    Project Coordinator
Governorate of Jericho & Al-Aghwar    
Moutaz Hroub  
Project Coordinator, BOE Member
Sardinian Water Authority

Maria Antonietta Dessena
Andrea Virdis
Amedeo Fadda
Loretta Cabras
Project Coordinator
University of Cagliari - CIREM section CRENoS Centre For North South Economic Research

Carlo Perelli
Aide Esu
Emanuela Marrocu    

Project Coordinator
Senior Facilitator, BOE Member
BOE Member



































1. State of the art of data collection
Maps & Database

Chair of the session: ENAS 

2. QGIS download and video-modules analysis
Problems and  solutions

Chair of the session: ENAS expert

3. Indicators
Water and soil 

Chair of the session: CRENoS

4. State of the art of soil study and analysis, and clay samples case study
Problems and solutions

Chair of the session: ENAS 

5. State of the art of purchase of equipments
Problems and solutions.

Chair of the session: PWEG 

6. The state of art of monitoring relevant funding opportunities and calls for proposals to scale-up MEDISS outputs
Chair of the session: PWEG 

7. A.O.B


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