YEP MED in Jordan organised a meeting to discuss the achievements for youth employment in the port sector and plan next steps

Between 2-3 of May 2023, all of the YEP MED project partners met for the 3rd Steering Committee meeting in Aqaba, Jordan. During the 2 days of workshops, presentations and networking activities, the successes of the EU-funded project were highlighted, and a roadmap towards the capitalisation on the results of the project was made. 

Among other achievements, participants in the meeting highlighted that since the start of the project, more than 3000 students have participated in YEP MED courses. From that pool, 490 students completed internships within their port communities, and from that pool, 350 secured employment.

The meeting was attended by Mr Eduard Rodés, Ms Marta Miquel, Ms Paula Baltar and Mr. Gerard Navarro from the Escola Europea - Intermodal Transport (lead beneficiary); Mr Carles Rua and Ms Alba González from the Port Authority of Civitavecchia, Mr Andrea Campagna from the Port Authority of Civitavecchia; Mr Rabih Sabra, Ms Hana Nehmé Haidar, Mr Dory Abou Saab and Mr Fadi Sabeh from the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Prof. Akram Soliman Elselmy and Ms Amira Mamdouh from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport; Ms Thouraya Khelil, Mr. Jobrane Benmansour and Ms Zina Touhami from the OMMP from the Tunisian Port-Logistics Community; Ms Mar Monzó from the Valenciaport Foundation; Mr. Sherif Elmelgy, Mr. Ahmed Salama and Mr. Mohamed Zidan from the Damietta Port Authority; Mr Mohammad Al-Sakran, Mr. Mowafaq Abu Anzeh, Ms Hanifa Hamouri, Mr Abedsalam Obeidat, Ms. Hanan Ramahi and Ms. Tala Sawadha from the Aqaba Development Corporation.

Moreover, to make attendance possible for certain partners who could not be physically present, remote links were facilitated for: Ms. Elodie Bardin, Mr. Gianni Marinucci, Mr. Sherif Elmelegy, Mr. Wissem Gaida Mahjoub, Mr. Chedly Ben Abderrazak, Mr. Pablo Palomo, Mr. Alaa Morsy.

Remote connection was also made possible for the following attendees from the JTS ENI CBC MED programme: Ms. Duaa Qurie, Ms. Laura Giallombardo, Ms. Stefania Melis, Mr. Fabrizio Paloni and Ms. Silvia Cubadda.