YEP MED : signature de l'accord stratégique pour la promotion de la formation dans le secteur de l'économie portuaire, de la logistique maritime, du transport et du commerce international

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The event will bring together both public and private entities from the Barcelona port community to sign the agreement, and therewith allow for better collaboration and operations between the parties implicated in training and employment in the area.

The agreement will be signed by Mrs Mercà Conesa from the Port Authority of Barcelona, Eduard Rodés from the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport, Mr. Jordi Trius from the Ship Agents Association of Barcelona (Associació Agents Consignataris de Barcelona), Sr. Xavier Vidal on behalf of the Association of Stevedoring Companies in the Port of Barcelona, Mr Sr. Emilio Sanz from ATEIA – OLTRA –  Association of International Freight Forwarders of Barcelona, Mr. Agustí Martí from the Nautical Faculty of the Politechnic Uniersity of Catalunya, Mr. Epifanio Mejino from ATEC -the Association of Container Business Carriers, Mr. Lluis Mijoler from the City Council of the Prat de Llobregat, Mr. Antonio Llobet from the Barcelona Association of Customs Agents, Fabian Mohedano from the Public Agency for Vocational Training and Qualifications (Generalitat de Catalunya), Mrs. Núria Marín from the Barcelona Provincial Council, Mr.  Jaume Collboni from Barcelona Activa SAU SPM (Barcelona City Council),  Mrs Neus Pons from the BCN Vocational Training Foundation, Mr. David Saldoni de Tena from the  General Directorate of Transport and Mobility, Mr. Andor Serra Merckens from the Barcelona Nautical Cluster, Mr. Pere Navarro from the Free Zone Consortium, Hon Mr. Chakir El Homrani Lesfar from the Public Employment Service of Catalonia Consortium for Continuing Education of Generalitat de Catalunya Catalonia - Generalitat de Catalunya, Mr.  Feliu López from the Nautical Institute of Barcelona, Mr. José García-Aubert from Marina Barcelona 92, Mr. Carlos Boy Rodriguez from the General Workers Union of Catalunya, and Mr. José  Pérez Domínguez from the Workers' Commission of Catalunya (CCOO), and Mr.  Josep Gonàlez-Cambray Education Consortium of Barcelona.

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