Zone d'étude pilote INNOMED-UP: Athènes, Grèce


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National Technical University of Athens as the Lead Beneficiary of Innomed-up
project has selected the historic center of Athens as the pilot study area during Innomed-up implementation period.

The historic center of Athens is characterized by a long tradition in the traditional Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Arts & Crafts (goldsmithery, leather, clothing and footwear products) that can be directly linked to other creative industries such as design and advertising.

Historically, these SMEs played a key role in shaping the urban space of Athens’ center becoming also part of its cultural heritage.

At the same time, the historical center of Athens has been more and more attractive to modern creative activities in recent years.

These activities include new fashion designers, jewelry designers and object designers, as well as graphic designers, architects and artists who often expand their work in other branches of design, integrating upcycling techniques.

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