Green business development in the Mediterranean: discover RESET project's progress and updates


As the RESET project heads towards its closing at the end of this year, we want to share an overview of our recent progress and ongoing activities. The RESET project is an innovative initiative focused on promoting sustainable best practices and advancing green business development in the Mediterranean region. In this update, we will delve into two significant milestones and our strong commitment to promoting best practices in green business modelling and continuous growth.

WeMed Award: Recognizing Excellence in Green Business

One of the significant highlights of our recent progress is the WeMed Award, a recognition of outstanding achievements in the landscape of green business. The WeMed Award recently concluded its application deadline on the 11th of September. Since then, our jury from different parts of the Mediterranean has been carefully evaluating the submissions, and assessing the applications to select the deserving winners across the two distinct categories.

Our plan includes a ceremony to honour the winners and showcase their remarkable contributions to the world of green business. This event is scheduled to take place next month, where notable figures in the field of sustainability will come together to celebrate the winners. We will keep you posted about the ceremony

Capitalization Methodologies for Green and Circular Economy

The RESET Project is committed to promoting the knowledge learned on the ideal environment for green business growth in the Mediterranean region. A key aspect of this endeavour is the continuous collaboration between our 5 partners to develop robust capitalization methodologies tailored to inspire other green and circular economy initiatives. The capitalization methodologies report is intended to serve as a valuable resource for the green economy development sector, that looking to adopt sustainable practices and support their growth in the evolving landscape of the green economy and entrepreneurship.

As we look ahead to the future, the RESET Project retains its mission to drive positive change, with the project’s long-lasting tools and disseminated knowledge, we aim to encourage sustainable practices and inspire innovation within the Mediterranean region's green community.