RESMYLE is cooking up a storm in Jordan as young NEETs design new food tourism experiences


Food and the joy of eating is a universal value that we all appreciate regardless of our language or our culture. What’s more, the local food sector, supports the local economy and is a rich source of jobs, whether in making and selling fine foods or marketing culinary tourism products.

This is the framework for our latest international workshop in Jordan, where fifteen confirmed ‘foodies’ are learning about the deep bonds between food and culture and how to transform this into sustainable culinary tourism experiences that ooze authenticity and celebrate the skills and passion of local communities.

Now in their second week, after visits, cookery workshops and training in culinary tourism, food history and marketing, our NEETs are busy putting the final touches to a new food tourism products based on 3 traditional local foods (Mansaf, Makmoora and cheese and meat pastries).

While food is a passion, it’s a tricky recipe to make a successful food business venture. You must take account of trends, timing, challenges and scenarios in hospitality and have the belief and business acumen to turn your passion into a livelihood. That’s why, in addition to specific training, our NEETs are meeting successful food business owners to learn from their experiences, and what it takes to succeed.

The workshop coordinated by our local RESMYLE partner, Jordan University of Science and Technology,will produce a guidebook that documents 3 traditional food experiences as part of a proposal for a new food tourism product in Northern Jordan.