RESTART MED! empowers Sustainable adventures in Tunisia: An Inside Look at IDWEY's Journey with Khouloud Kaabi


IDWEY is a web platform that allows travelers or locals to live outdoor experiences within the framework of regional and responsible tourism. Users will identify and rate these experiences so that everyone can discover and enjoy them. The purpose of IDWEY is to share information on regional tourism websites, the exchange of experience between users. Thus, it is for this purpose that IDWEY was developed, allowing travelers to connect with tourist service providers, to allow them to make the most of their experience. The use of the services of IDWEY assumes adherence to and compliance with the rules referred to in these general conditions of use.

IDWEY offers the possibility to any natural person aged 15 years and over, any representative of a legal person or any representative of a group to register on the website to allow the connection between a service provider and a traveler, the location and description of ecological tourism site subject to compliance with these general conditions of use. IDWEY only provides hosting on the website for host announcements and descriptions of sites for travelers but does not intervene directly in the contract between them. IDWEY is not a travel agency, does not organize or sell individual or group trips or stays and / or services that may be provided in connection with trips or stays.


What is the main reason why you created the project?

In recent years, alternative tourism has been gaining momentum and has established itself as a sustainable and effective solution to overcome the limitations of mass tourism. In Tunisia, mass tourism, during the pandemic, has shown the need to depend on sustainable tourism, which is currently increasingly profitable and more respectful of people, the environment and Tunisian heritage. We are part of the community of nature and outdoor activities enthusiasts in Tunisia, and we have detected the following:

For any Tunisian or foreign traveler, the lack of information and the marginalization of the sector always causes difficulties in the design of sustainable tourist circuits with an uncertain quality of experience that does not encourage them to try other alternatives.

For tourism professionals, they find it difficult to communicate their alternatives to reach a large target audience and to manage their alternatives.


What value do sustainability and social responsibility bring to your product?

We work on the popularization of the concept of sustainable tourism with its different values, we have chosen to emphasize the environmental aspect through actions and KPIs defined as (Number of trees planted in Tunisia by our action: a reservation equal to one tree planted) as well as the socio-economic component: social inclusion: number of premises included in the circuits.


What is your type of customer?

 Eco-tourists, adventurers and families who want to add value to their outings.


Does your product help reduce seasonality and diversify options in the territory?

Yes, we are working on the diversification of offers through the design of new tourist products in neglected regions and we try to integrate into its products activities that can be practiced throughout the year (workshops and others).