The third WEF-CAP Policy Brief presents the findings of a large public consultation on water, energy and food management in the Mediterranean


This policy brief provides an overview of the findings gathered through this public consultation. More specifically, it offers an analysis of the inputs received on stakeholders' awareness, knowledge, perception and expectations regarding the state of climate change in the EU-MPC region, the extent of the water-energy-food interdependence and the challenges to the implementation of the WEFN integrated approach in the region, as well as the impacts derived from their implementation in order to evaluate/validate the outputs that have been produced by the project. Finally, the brief provides evidence-based operational recommendations on how to move forward and adopt the WEFN approach.

The Third Policy Brief is produced as part of the series of Policy Briefs undertaken the WEF-CAP project partners and it is authored by Dr. Maryse Louis & Ms.Sophie Dahdouh, from the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Institutes of Economic Sciences (FEMISE).

Download here the third policy brief