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The Technology Transfer and Capitalization of Water Energy Food NEXUS

About the project

The European Union continues to be a global leader in terms of scientific outputs, but still lags in translating this advantage into products, services, processes and solutions that meet the demand. Failure to commercialize and deploy innovations in water, energy and food (WEF-NEXUS) means missing opportunities to improve resilience and efficiency in the use of these critical resources. WEF - CAP seeks to capture and rectify a microcosm of this reality: bring out effective economic activity from under-capitalized WEF innovations. Considering joint challenges at regional and cross-border level and the fragmented business ecosystem lacking of a cross-Mediterranean coherent framework, WEF-CAP will combine the capitalization and expansion of tools and methodologies used for innovation commercialization with the capitalization of WEF innovations in efficient practices for replication across the Mediterranean area. This will be done through the support of sustainable and resilient agri-food sector production, thus improving the energy and water efficiency: renewables, wastewater treatment, water harvesting and reuse, etc. WEF - CAP will apply past and ongoing WEF efficient practices and policies for replication under the framework of a meta cluster, reinforcing networks while mainstreaming gathered territorial evidences for effective capitalization.  A successful implementation will enhance the regional SME competitiveness and the job creation, generating spillover effects in knowledge, resource efficiency, and the quality of life.

Key information

The Technology Transfer and Capitalization of Water Energy Food NEXUS
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results
Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt, France

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To consolidate a water, energy, and food regional meta cluster that fosters and tech-transfer replication, exploitation and commercialization, increasing territorial resilience

What will be improved?

The project will lead the creation of a multi stakeholder meta cluster that fosters innovation and enabling policies. Successful and demonstrated technologies in WEF-NEXUS will be captured, analysed, benchmarked and catalogued, bringing them to the market with commercialization support and the supportive networking through the meta cluster, allowing broader deployment for more people to benefit from such innovations. Those tools that successfully help commercialization and tech-transfer will be documented and mobilized towards a greater number of researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs as direct beneficiaries, leading to more spin-outs, start-ups, patenting, licensing, and entrepreneurial-driven economic growth on a firm level. 

Who will benefit?

  • 14 public institutions related to the WEF-NEXUS ecosystem
  • 20 research centres or universities 
  • 50 SMEs
  • 20 technology transfer organisations
  • 35 communication media multipliers

Expected achievements

  • Creation of a meta cluster for the interaction of all members of WEF-NEXUS
  • An online platform enabled to identify representatives and initiatives in the region
  • 12 pitching programs for researchers and start-ups
  • A database catalogue of efficient practices for replication
  • 4 capitalization events gathering key players in the water, energy and food sector

Contribution to policy-making

WEF - CAP contributes to regional policy development of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2025 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through capitalization of identified best innovative integrated WEF technologies to face Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. SDGs 6, 2 and 7 around water, food and energy security, respectively). Scheduled WEF-CAP outputs will also contribute to target actions A1-2, 4-6 of Dialogue 5+5 to stimulate growth, employment and entrepreneurship or the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs) flagship of Union for the Mediterranean by supporting employability of youth and women. Initiatives such as Water Integrity Capacity Building Programme for MENA Region will be supported as a result WEF - CAP stocktaking of what has been achieved so far in terms of commercialisation and tech-transfer within the WEF NEXUS to change water situation in EU-MPC. WEF-CAP outputs complementary contribute to PRIMA initiative and JPI FACCE or WATER by involving a critical mass of actors, resources and strengthening R&I capacities to face future NEXUS challenges to guarantee sustainable farming systems and water management. 

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