WEF - CAP presents SUPROMED: A New Solution for Enhanced Water, Energy, and Fertilizer Management


The SUPROMED project, "Sustainable Production in water-limited environments of Mediterranean agro-ecosystem", is a research and innovation (R&I) project funded under the PRIMA 2018 program. The project aims to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of Mediterranean farming systems by improving the management of water, energy, and fertilizers.             

The specific objectives of SUPROMED include:

  • Developing an end-user IT platform: the project aims to deliver an IT platform designed to smartly advise farmers in the efficient water management of Mediterranean cropping and livestock systems. This platform will integrate validated models and tools related to water, energy, and fertilization management.
  • Increasing production and income: SUPROMED aims to increase the production and income of farms by promoting the reduction and more efficient use of water, energy, and fertilizers. By optimizing input usage, farmers can achieve higher yields and economic benefits.
  • Environmental impact reduction: the project seeks to minimize the environmental impact of agricultural activities by promoting sustainable practices. Through efficient resource management, SUPROMED aims to decrease water and energy consumption, reduce fertilizer use, and mitigate the overall impact on the environment.
  • Integration of data and tools: SUPROMED considers real in-situ data, Earth Observation (EO) imagery, agro-alerts, agroclimatic classification, and zoning. The project integrates these data sources and tools to develop a comprehensive decision support system. This system assists farmers in making informed decisions regarding water management and other agricultural practices.

SUPROMED’s ICT platform acts as a toolbox offering end-users the possibility to apply a set of interlinked models as well as to access useful information related to their farm based on their needs:

  • Irrigation scheduling: MOPECO and IREY
  • Optimal crops distribution: MOPECO
  • Full modelling and optimisation of farm management: MOPECO
  • Design and optimization of irrigation network: DOPIR (for pressurized irrigation systems), DOPIR-Solar (for solar-powered irrigation) and PRESSUD (for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems).
  • High resolution medium-range weather forecast: 7-day daily forecast with WRF, 2km resolution (using GFS data)
  • High resolution seasonal climatic forecast: 6-month monthly forecast with WRF, 2km resolution (using CFS data)
  • Climate change scenarios: WRF for the period 2020-2050, 6km resolution (using data from CESMv1 under RCP4.5)
  • Evapotranspiration data and maps: EO derived product

The SUPROMED project involves a multidisciplinary team of ten partners from five countries: Spain (UCLM, ITAP, HISPATEC), France (SEMIDE), Greece (UTH, 3DSA), Lebanon (DIFAF, ULFA), and Tunisia (INRGREF, INGC). The collaboration among these partners ensures a diverse range of expertise and perspectives.

As for future prospects, SUPROMED aims to promote a 10-20% increase in the adoption of organizational and technological innovations in farms across the Mediterranean basin. The project seeks to have a lasting impact on agricultural practices by providing farmers with the necessary tools and knowledge to implement sustainable and efficient water management strategies. Additionally, SUPROMED aims to contribute to the resilience of agricultural systems in the face of climate change challenges and create qualified and specialized job opportunities in the agricultural sector.

As a relevant experience and example of good practice, SUPROMED is expected to be highlighted by WEF – CAP in upcoming discussions and workshops related to good policy development.

More information about the project can be found here.

SUPROMED developed a video that is available here.