WEF – CAP selects a methodology from Blue Deal Lab (BLUELAB) project


BLUE DEAL is a European project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance Fund, for the capitalization of Blue Energy (BE). 

This project integrates 12 partners from 6 countries and 9 different regions around the Mediterranean. The project was aimed to promote the deployment of BE technologies in the Mediterranean region and support their inclusion in regional energy plans. Through the identification and characterization of the regulatory, environmental, social requirements and constraints of BE technologies. BLUE DEAL aspires to provide relevant information which assists decision-makers and other stakeholders.

The BLUE DEAL Final Methodology is based on two pillars: 

  1. transdisciplinary technical & scientific collaboration; 
  2. multi-stakeholder engagement, across the quadruple helix, through dedicated Transferring Labs and Open Innovation Challenges.


The project idea was promoting and supporting the development of BE technologies in the Mediterranean region through setting up the Transferring Labs, collaborative platforms in which the different stakeholders can discuss and debate in a manner that:

  • Contribute to ambitious climate and carbon neutrality targets.
  • Respect biological and ecological resources, implementing the highest environmental standards.
  • Co-exist in a mutually beneficial and integrated manner with the other users of the sea.
  • Support the economies of the Mediterranean region and the development of innovation capabilities in BE.

As a relevant experience and example of good practice, BLUE DEAL is expected to be highlighted by WEF – CAP in upcoming discussions and workshops related to good policy development.

BLUE DEAL developed a video that is available here.

More information about the project can be found here.