WEF - CAP presents 'PROMETHEUS', a solution to enhance Student and Faculty Support Services for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


PROMETHEUS project is an initiative of Universities, Research Centres and Enterprises from Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania and North Macedonia, with a vision to develop and share their innovation and entrepreneurship support capabilities in the area of digital transformation related to circular economy, climate change and sustainable development.

PROMETHEUS is funded by the European Union, under the EIT HEI Initiative.

The main scope of PROMETHEUS project relates to fostering institutional engagement and change to develop innovative and sustainable services and programs to impact ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy’, along the following axes and objectives:

  • AXIS 1 – Impact-driven partnerships between higher education institutions (HEIs), research organizations, business, NGOs and government institutions
  • AXIS 2 – High-quality education programs in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy
  • AXIS 3 – Innovation and business support services in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy

More specifically, the project aims to reach the following targets:

  1. enhance the services provided to students and faculty to assist them in entrepreneurship and innovation activities;
  2. develop multi-disciplinary facilities and structures to foster innovation;
  3. collaborate with EIT Digital and EIT InnoEnergy, as well as with EIT Climate-KIC and EIT Manufacturing;
  4. create structures and conditions for innovation-driven research in the collaborating HEIs;
  5. develop and use idea creation and assessment structures in the areas of digital transformation and circular economy;
  6. enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial teaching curricula using both formal and informal education;
  7. develop innovation and entrepreneurial training programmes and mentoring schemes for staff and students.

PROMETHEUS will ensure uptake and sustainability through:

  • engaging associated partners from different countries and sectors, filling all the roles of the entrepreneurial education value chain;
  • establishing a worldwide network of collaborating universities, businesses, research organizations, governmental bodies, non-government organizations, and other social partners; 
  • disseminating information via digital channels and targeted campaigns;
  • monitoring and evaluating project performance, and developing further sustainability and transferability plans;
  • engaging students at the participating universities in all project phases.

PROMETHEUS involves 8 partners: University of the Aegean (leader), University of Twente, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Patras, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Crowdpolicy, European Regional Framework for Co-operation and National Research & Development Institute for Food Bioresources.

Overall, the PROMETHEUS project aims to create a supportive ecosystem that enables students and faculty to develop innovative ideas and turn them into successful businesses that address important societal challenges, while promoting sustainable development and a circular economy.

As a relevant experience and example of good practice, PROMETHEUS is expected to be highlighted by WEF – CAP in upcoming discussions and workshops related to good policy development.

More information about the project can be found here

PROMETHEUS developed a video that is available here.