FISH MED NET supports the diversification of fishing activities and promotes their development during the Regional Conference on the Sea in Corsica


This Thursday, October 20 were held in Ajaccio (South Corsica) the Regional Conference of the Sea which aimed to mobilize all public and private actors of the maritime economy of Corsica in the presence of the President of the Executive Council of Corsica, the President of the Office of the Environment of Corsica and the Director of the Directorate of the Sea and Coast of Corsica and the Secretary of State for the Sea. 
The federation of Municipalities of South Corsica was invited by the Office of the Environment of Corsica to participate in the framework of the FISH MED NET project. 

Through the workshops and plenary sessions, the importance of the diversification of fishing and the blue economy were once again underlined by the majority of the socio-professional speakers and politicians present. 

These Conferences have allowed to make an inventory, to present the evolutions of the sector and to highlight the persistent and future problems of the economy of the sea at the regional scale but also Mediterranean thanks to a 360deg analysis. 
This major meeting of the Corsican maritime sector was also an opportunity for the Community of Communes of South Corsica to meet the project partners (professional fishermen, Corsican Environment Office, Maritime Affairs ...) to prepare in November a next meeting on the business models of the project (training and support projects) and to schedule the future public-private roundtable.


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