Authentic Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oils promoted by ARTOLIO project shine at Gastronomic Forum Barcelona


At the heart of the prestigious Forum Gastronomic Barcelona, the ARTOLIO family experienced an extraordinary reception and an overwhelmingly positive response. Its stand, B234, was an oasis of passion and authenticity, where authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) were the center of attention for industry professionals and food lovers alike.

The ENI CBC MED project came to life at this vibrant event, showcasing the importance of investing in small producers across the Mediterranean. Distributors eager to bring these EVOOs to new markets and elite chefs in search of the perfect touch for their culinary creations have flocked to the ARTOLIO booth. Each visit has been a testament to the recognition of the quality and authenticity of ARTOLIO products.

The Alimentaria organization, an authority in the gastronomic world, has praised ARTOLIO's approach as a resounding success. In recognition of the project's dedication and excellence, they have been specially invited to participate in Alimentaria 2024. This invitation not only validates ARTOLIO's work, but also represents an exciting opportunity to continue the mission, extend the project, open up to other producers and broaden its horizons.

But the impact of ARTOLIO goes beyond the expected limits. Wine experts, Scandinavian e-commerce pioneers and passionate producers have found in the ARTOLIO space a place for innovation and sustainable development. Each interaction has been a step forward in the project's mission, a testament to the power of authenticity and dedication in the world of gastronomy.

Every conversation held and every idea exchanged represents remarkable progress in its trajectory. This journey, which is a journey of taste and excellence, is far from over; rather, it gains momentum with each experience we share. ARTOLIO ENI CBC MED is consolidating itself as a reference project in European support.

The project strives to lead the way to a world of gastronomic authenticity, sustainability and shared success. Each achievement is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in the world of gastronomy, and ARTOLIO is excited about what the future holds in store on this extraordinary culinary journey.

Ladies and gentlemen, ARTOLIO ENI CBC MED continues to help women in the rural world, to restore village populations, to share profits fairly and, above all, to take care of the natural world.

ENI CBC MED, Thank you on behalf of the partners and all the farmers.

Jesús F. Gordillo

ARTOLIO Communication