Application de l'innovation pour le développement de l'économie circulaire pour une construction durable en Méditerranée

About the project

RE-MED arises from the need to reduce the environmental and health impacts due to failures in the management of construction and demolition waste (CDW). The project aims to transfer and experiment technologies enabling CDW to be transformed into resources for the construction and maintenance of roads. The project includes the construction of CDW recycling plants and aims to leverage the societal, environmental and digital transition of Mediterranean territories. A road section integrating CDW will be built and evaluated to demonstrate the concept. A full work program will be set up and shared on the RE-MED community collaborative platform. The project will implement structured training, scientific and public dissemination, methodological guides and draft standards, as well as models of efficient economy to integrate the dimension of sustainable development in the road sector. The project also intends to support the Tunisian and Lebanese environment Ministries in order to change the regulations to facilitate the use of at least 20% of recycled aggregates in road construction, and thus open up a construction waste market.

Key information

Application de l'innovation pour le développement de l'économie circulaire pour une construction durable en Méditerranée
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results
France, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon

Financial data

3 million
Total budget
2.7 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


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Project duration

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Project outputs




To support technology transfer to increase the value of construction waste and boost its use in road construction, integrating at least 30% of recycled materials, while transferring and disseminating recycling practices, thus accelerating the development of a new market

What will be improved?

RE-MED will open up a niche in the construction market, environmentally sustainable, by using CDW as an economic value. The project will promote a regulatory evolution establishing the use of recycled CDW in road construction of 20% of the total in the short term and 40% in the long term, as well as the adoption of new standards related to the treatment of CDW and their characteristics, such as the nomenclature of the waste and the standards of the tests. The cooperation will enable the promotion of CDW valorization techniques and innovative technologies in the 4 partner countries while producing new tools. The project will also deliver well cross-border trainings so that future professionals in the sector can apply these techniques. 

Who will benefit?

  • 6 national public authorities: Ministries of equipment, Economy and Finance, Interior, which will be involved in the regulatory evolution process      
  • National Agencies in the waste, environment and construction sectors     
  • 50 road owners and managers      
  • 6 federations and associations in the road and solid waste sector
  • 1 standardization body
  • 7 expert networks such engineers’ international associations
  • 5 technology platforms and research centers      
  • Construction companies      
  • Motorway users      

Expected achievements

  • 1 plant for CDW sorting and treatment built
  • 1 km of innovative pilot roads built
  • 1 RE-MED community online platform set up for knowledge sharing
  • 6 training programs implemented
  • 6 scientific publications released
  • 4 law/decree proposals
  • 1 registered patent
  • 3 spin-offs established

Contribution to policy-making

The project will contribute to the evolution of public policies in Tunisia and Lebanon for the development of CDW markets. Nowadays, the construction material storage facilities have reached their limits and do not have the institutional and technological capacities for recycling. RE-MED will support the competent Ministries in drafting laws and regulations as well as new standards, which will thus get closer to EU standards.  It is also planned at the end of the project that the Tunisian government imposes on construction companies to work with recycling companies and sets up a subsidy system up to 20% of investments in the collection and recycling of CDW.


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Project news

RE-MED project recruits an external auditor in Tunisia

The Tunisian Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment is looking for an external auditor within the framework of the project. Deadline: 04 March 2021.


Project news

France: RE-MED is recruiting an expert to support the project's management and communication activities

Cerema is recruiting an expert in management and communication under the RE-MED project. Application deadline: 10/02/2021.


Project news

Italy: RE-MED is hiring 5 postdoctoral research fellows

The University of Palermo is looking to recruit 5 postdoctoral fesearch fellows for RE-MED project. Deadine for applications is 18/02/2021


Project news

Tunisia: the RE-MED project is looking for an external auditor

The "Center d'Essais et des Techniques de Construction", Tunisian partner of the RE-MED project, is launching a national consultation for the selection of an external auditor.


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Project news

Italy: RE-MED is looking for an external auditor

The deadline for the submission of bids is 01 February 2021 at 11:00 CET.